Arrhythmia and conduction

Basic steps in Lab

Getting these basics correct is necessary to avoid frustration

  • Catheter placement
  • Electrodes, signals and filters
  • Basic intervals
  • Hierarchy of conduction and activation sequence


Entrainment is the holy grail of identifying the underlying mechanisms of arrhythmia.


ECG – 101. Most read ECGs by pattern recognition. The electrophysiologist (and everyone else) should read it by scientific analysis (then no need to remember patterns !)

Accessory Pathways

Narrow complex tachycardia

  • Approach to NCT
  • His Synchronous PVCs
  • Ventricular overdrive pacing – beyond PPI-TCL
  • PACs for NCTs


  • Anatomy for AVNRT
  • Typical AVNRT
  • Atypical AVNRT

Atrial Tachycardia

  • CTI Flutter
  • Mitral isthmus flutter
  • Focal Atrial Tachycardia
  • Scar related atrial flutter

Wide Complex Tachycardia

  • Approach to WCT
  • SVT or VT – choice is yours
  • Scar related re-entry : Application of entertainment principles
  • Outflow VT
  • ILVT
  • Bundle branch re-entry

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